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Dry plate tintype

October 21, 2013


January 15, 2013
Ilford HP5, ei400.
Obviously, this is a crop of a 6x6 (given that it's from the Diacord L). It works much better in this aspect ratio than its original. I like a lot about this shot (it may be my favorite HP5 shot), and it's also a gateway shot for a project I've started defining.
Here's this guy, whose fashion is more Tirolean (shades of Lederhosen) with a modern bike and a pair of iPod headphones. I can't tell if he's from 1940 or 2010 except for the hints of modern trends around him. Thinking about how parts of 1940 carry to 2010 for me in this shot, I wonder about the parts of 2010 that will carry on from here - and how long they'll last. I wonder when we'll stop using earbuds. I wonder what "new" bikes will look like when this one looks "old". 24-hour ATM - what will that mean to the citizen of 2080? And, of course, balding Adidas-man in the background looks every bit the part of a 2010 jogger (despite his walking pace).
Anyway, lots of work still to do - but I've been shooting for this new project for some months now, and I'm finally pulling together material that I'm happy with.
The film cameras are doing what I wanted - enabling me to explore a new style of street photography that is, I think, leading somewhere.

Southern German Me…

June 1, 2010
Ilford HP5+, ei400.
Last night my highest-precision thermometer died. Alas, no color development without it. Will have to order another (wanted to do that anyway). Fortunately my cameras are currently loaded with HP5 and Efke IR film so I can do a bit of B&W while I'm waiting for the replacement...

Standing, he compa…

May 25, 2010
Yes, yes, back to the B&W. I have a few nice color shots I'd like to post, but I'm also working on a new series and would like to finish it off first.
Looking at this I long for B&W - particularly Ilford HP5 (which this is, ei400). I planned to shoot some IR (Efke) today... and left my IR filter at home. I suppose there's always tomorrow.


May 22, 2010
... another from the opening at Gallery 14. Show's still on until May 30th.
And I'm almost out of E-6 slide film. Even though I've decided that it's a waste of my time to process (and I'll be taking it to Philadelphia Photographics once my chemistry's used up), I'll probably wind up buying some more E-6 film (to use up that chemistry). Which means at least another month of E-6 (I'm about 40% of the way through my 5 liters).
So why am I still posting B&W shots? Various reasons:

  The Diacord L shot three rolls while stuck on F/22. Needless to say, they're a bit... dark.
  At least one, maybe two, rolls went through a Bessa 66 with a light leak in the bellows.
  The Diacord L's shutter had two leaves drop out of place. Twice, each time ruining the better part of a roll.
  Some of the E-6 was used for events that I shot which won't be public.
  Most of the shots are at least one stop over- or under-exposed, and when corrected, they leave a bad color cast. Since I'm red/green colorblind, it's harder for me to correct than you might expect.
  The shots that are good are part of a series I'm putting together, and I'm not ready to share yet.
Despite all that, I must say that shooting E-6 has been valuable. It forced me to think more about what and how I was shooting (I could be a bit sloppier with B&W and still come out with something fairly good), and I think I've now got a better sense of what I'll capture.

Opening #2

May 18, 2010
Third in the series from the gallery opening at Gallery 14.
I believe I found the limit on the E-6 chemistry today; at about 12 rolls, the first liter of first developer formed a white precipitate. Used it anyway, of course, and it was fine but I'm sure this state change signals the beginning of the end. So I've mixed up my second batch. Only three more batches to go.
Some slight troubles, btw, on the camera front. The 1938 Bessa 66 is still out for repair; the other 1930s Bessa 66 has a shutter that's inoperable; the 1947 Bessa 66 lost its second film-path roller and destroys film now; the Diacord L had its shutter blades fall out again; and now the Diacord G has a sticky shutter cocking lever. I suspect I'll be spending some serious repair time this weekend. I'm seriously starting to consider buying a new TLR from B&H. And no, not a Rollei. I don't have an extra six grand lying around...
Oh, almost forgot: Delta 3200, EI3200.

What’s In a …

May 12, 2010
A second shot from the opening - or, more specifically, the "meet the photographers" event just after.
Delta 3200, EI 3200.
I've been working on some new material; it's taking a lot longer than expected. I decided that May would be "E-6 month" and have been shooting almost exclusively E-6... and processing it myself, which is the time drain. Conclusion: not worth the trouble; I'll stick to C-41 if I want color. But I've got 10 rolls still waiting to be developed, another 10 in the fridge, and enough Tetenal E-6 chemistry for another 30-ish rolls after I'm done. At the rate I'm going I may not be "done" until July...


May 10, 2010
From our opening at Gallery 14 last week... alternate title, Robin Odland: Dressed To Shoot. If you haven't seen the show it's still open through May 30th (weekend hours only). Go buy something. Hint. Hint. :)
Seriously, go to check out photos from my cohorts Daniel Goldberg, Robin Odland, Mark Sirota - and the shots in the outer gallery by Marty Schwartz. They're a group of talented folks and it would be a shame to miss it.
Delta 3200, EI 3200.

Opening #1

May 3, 2010
Has photography made me more observant? I wonder at that as I see beautiful sky-scapes like this one, and then seethe folks on the same train I'm on looking at their books, cell phones, newspapers... anything *but* looking out the window. Perhaps I'm just as unobservant as ever, and this was a day when I managed a glance at the right time.
HP5, EI400.

People were oblivi…

April 29, 2010
HP5+, EI 800. This was during the "Month Of Many Floods," also known as "Jorj Almost Builds An Ark But Instead Digs A Sump Pit." While it's not actually my house in this shot the title still seemed appropriate...

Through the rain, …

April 20, 2010
From my foray in to home color film development: Kodak Portra 400 VC.
Have I mentioned that I'm part of a group show opening this Friday, April 23rd? I might actually attend, too, now that I'm on some good antibiotics for what turns out to be a sinus infection. Go science!

There he slept, un…

April 19, 2010
From the Diacord L's first home-processed C41. Kodak Portra 400vc, Tetenal C-41 Press Kit.
I'm strongly considering an all-color month next month, working both E-6 and C-41. Assuming I finish processing the 11 rolls of B&W I've already shot but haven't yet developed...

Sleepy Morning

April 12, 2010
Finally caught him! Yup, that's the easter bunny all right. I'm sure it's the same dude that plants all those eggs.
HP5+, EI400.

Easter Bunny

April 11, 2010
Surprise! C-41 (specifically, Fuji Pro 160S), from the Diacord L. Yes, this one's really from the Diacord L.
The surprise is that I managed to develop this in my basement. This was the second tank that went through the process; the count is now up to... lessee... 3 rolls of 35mm and 4 rolls of 120. The last roll is still drying.
I've spent several weeks trying to find an aquarium heater that I could modify to keep water at 102 degrees (the recommended temperature for the Tetenal C-41 kit). The best I've gotten is 98, and I broke two heaters in the process (one burnt out, and I cracked the glass on the second while reassembling it).
Initial impressions: C-41 isn't difficult, but it takes more concentration than straight B&W. The time certainly seems to pass faster since there's always something to do. And if you want to do this yourself, your money is better spent on a nice large insulated cooler rather than an aquarium heater. The method I'm settling in to is to fill the cooler with 110°F (43.3°C) water, bring the chemicals up to 102, add cold water to the cooler to bring it back to 104, and start processing when both are at 103. Over the development period the temperature of the cooler water drops to about 100.6°F, but it stays over 102 for the development phase. I suspend my stainless steel tank in the water during the development process. I haven't seen the latest results yet since they're still drying, but I'm quite hopeful.

Spring Magnolias

April 4, 2010

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