Opening #2

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Opening #2

… another from the opening at Gallery 14. Show’s still on until May 30th.

And I’m almost out of E-6 slide film. Even though I’ve decided that it’s a waste of my time to process (and I’ll be taking it to Philadelphia Photographics once my chemistry’s used up), I’ll probably wind up buying some more E-6 film (to use up that chemistry). Which means at least another month of E-6 (I’m about 40% of the way through my 5 liters).

So why am I still posting B&W shots? Various reasons:

  • The Diacord L shot three rolls while stuck on F/22. Needless to say, they’re a bit… dark.
  • At least one, maybe two, rolls went through a Bessa 66 with a light leak in the bellows.
  • The Diacord L’s shutter had two leaves drop out of place. Twice, each time ruining the better part of a roll.
  • Some of the E-6 was used for events that I shot which won’t be public.
  • Most of the shots are at least one stop over- or under-exposed, and when corrected, they leave a bad color cast. Since I’m red/green colorblind, it’s harder for me to correct than you might expect.
  • The shots that are good are part of a series I’m putting together, and I’m not ready to share yet.

Despite all that, I must say that shooting E-6 has been valuable. It forced me to think more about what and how I was shooting (I could be a bit sloppier with B&W and still come out with something fairly good), and I think I’ve now got a better sense of what I’ll capture.

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