Spring Magnolias

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Spring Magnolias

Surprise! C-41 (specifically, Fuji Pro 160S), from the Diacord L. Yes, this one’s really from the Diacord L.

The surprise is that I managed to develop this in my basement. This was the second tank that went through the process; the count is now up to… lessee… 3 rolls of 35mm and 4 rolls of 120. The last roll is still drying.

I’ve spent several weeks trying to find an aquarium heater that I could modify to keep water at 102 degrees (the recommended temperature for the Tetenal C-41 kit). The best I’ve gotten is 98, and I broke two heaters in the process (one burnt out, and I cracked the glass on the second while reassembling it).

Initial impressions: C-41 isn’t difficult, but it takes more concentration than straight B&W. The time certainly seems to pass faster since there’s always something to do. And if you want to do this yourself, your money is better spent on a nice large insulated cooler rather than an aquarium heater. The method I’m settling in to is to fill the cooler with 110°F (43.3°C) water, bring the chemicals up to 102, add cold water to the cooler to bring it back to 104, and start processing when both are at 103. Over the development period the temperature of the cooler water drops to about 100.6°F, but it stays over 102 for the development phase. I suspend my stainless steel tank in the water during the development process. I haven’t seen the latest results yet since they’re still drying, but I’m quite hopeful.

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