What’s In a Name?

by jorj posted May 12, 2010 category Uncategorized

What's In a Name?

Third in the series from the gallery opening at Gallery 14.

I believe I found the limit on the E-6 chemistry today; at about 12 rolls, the first liter of first developer formed a white precipitate. Used it anyway, of course, and it was fine but I’m sure this state change signals the beginning of the end. So I’ve mixed up my second batch. Only three more batches to go.

Some slight troubles, btw, on the camera front. The 1938 Bessa 66 is still out for repair; the other 1930s Bessa 66 has a shutter that’s inoperable; the 1947 Bessa 66 lost its second film-path roller and destroys film now; the Diacord L had its shutter blades fall out again; and now the Diacord G has a sticky shutter cocking lever. I suspect I’ll be spending some serious repair time this weekend. I’m seriously starting to consider buying a new TLR from B&H. And no, not a Rollei. I don’t have an extra six grand lying around…

Oh, almost forgot: Delta 3200, EI3200.

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