Burlesque Nr. 5

by jorj posted February 11, 2012 category Uncategorized

Burlesque Nr. 5

I’m FINALLY returning to the Burlesque shots from Jim Thorpe’s burlesque festival last year. Between my last post on this subject and now, I’ve been more or less focused on casein-on-glass for some shows this spring, and that’s mostly out of the way now (just have to deal with some paperwork and delivery, but the prints are done).

This was originally shot on a Canon 5D, ISO 3200, with a 70-200 f/2.8L. I reduced it to B&W and printed this kallitype on Herschel paper (a handmade paper from Ruscombe Mill). It’s toned in a gold thiourea toner, and then a weak palladium toner.

My previous experience with gold toners says this should have come out purpleish. Instead, the paper stained somewhat. I’m not entirely sure what happened and I’ll be revisiting this combination again; I’m satisfied with teh blacks that came out of this.

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