Vague Recollection

by jorj posted January 30, 2012 category Uncategorized

Vague Recollection

From a photo walk through Durham Township a few weeks ago, this shot of the interior of the Durham Mill was taken with a Widelux F-V: a 35mm panoramic camera. Portra 800.

The extreme distortion at the edges is due to my mis-loading the film, an effect that I’ve since decided I like, and I keep reproducing. I’d really like to print this one on glass… perhaps after I’ve finished all of my other prints? Hmm.

3 Responses to Vague Recollection

  1. Very nice Jorj. How wide is the image? 12cm? 17cm?


  2. About 7cm. The widelux (when loaded properly) produces negatives more like 6cm wide; when loaded this way, they’re a bit wider on the film (and overlap slightly).

  3. “We don’t make mistakes, we have ‘happy accidents’ “

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