by jorj posted November 20, 2011 category Uncategorized


Walked outside today while my wife and son were raking leaves, and found this seemingly-happy bird nesting in one pile… good thing it left before I started shredding them!

In casein-land, I’ve got a pile of plastic on its way for backlights. When they get here, I expect to have at least one print to post (it’s sitting on my window now waiting for a backlight). Progress made on one other print this weekend, but I ran out of time while dealing with other photo processing obligations. Ah well, there’s always next weekend…

3 Responses to Nesting

  1. Hope you found the little guy a new home… 😉


  2. Must be a leaf goblin!

  3. Your mother-in-law would like a print of this pix. 5×7 Plz.

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