Fall Flowers

by jorj posted October 17, 2011 category Uncategorized

Fall Flowers

The farther we get in to fall, the more I dread the shortening days. I pine for spring again. Occasionally I see something like this that makes me think of spring, keeping fall my second-favorite season.

Printing update: I’m not sure why, but I haven’t been motivated to pick up the casein-glass prints recently. I’ve been printing kallitypes over the last week, playing with Fabriano Artistico and multi-hit processing. So far, I can say that Herschel is a much, much nicer paper – but Fabriano Artistico works as well as Stonehenge.

One Response to Fall Flowers

  1. Funny, I’m enjoying fall because it’s the end of mowing, weeding, trimming and planting. Now I can get back into the house and make sauce and bake and clean the baseboards. And soon it will be time for fruitcake and Lebkuchen.

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