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Originally shot on Delta 3200 in a Diacord G; developed in Microphen. This is a palladium-toned kallitype. I’m reasonably happy that it came out (yay, my chemistry survived the flooding) but not so thrilled with the density; this is my first kallitype on Fabriano Artistico HP 300 and I’m not sure if the paper or my technique lead to this thinner-than-usual print. I’m hoping to preshrink some FabArt and try a double-hit kallitype on it.

Regardless: as you might gather from the title, this is Joe of Abacus: a Chinese restaurant in Lansdale, PA. I think it’s the best Chinese food available in the greater Philadelphia area. I’ve been eating at his establishment since about 1986. Joe reports they’re in the middle of selling the business, and it clearly pains him greatly. If I understood rightly, he’s getting ready to move back to China to take care of his father.

Joe reminds me of my great uncle, who was also named Joe: they share a terrible sense of humor and are of the same temperament.

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