Coffee Coffee Coffee #2

by jorj posted May 6, 2011 category Uncategorized

Coffee Coffee Coffee #2

I promised this one a few days back and then was distracted by kallitype fun. Perhaps I should have just printed this and killed two birds with one stone!

Markus here was shot on my Mamiya 7, Acros 100, developed in caffenol-C for about 15 minutes at about 75 degrees. Both he and I lived to tell the tale.

Markus and Johanna both were very interested in Caffenol or I wouldn’t have picked it up right now. I admit that I’ve had a passing interest in it myself, and had washing powder sitting around just for caffenol use when the time was right… it just took someone asking about it for me to throw stuff together in a vat and see how well it worked as a developer! 🙂

Looking forward: this being Mother’s Day weekend, I’ll be lucky to get one print in. And what I’d like to be printing is very, very experimental – involving very very dilute hydrofluoric acid, sheets of glass, and possibly milk products. I’m afraid that may have to wait.

3 Responses to Coffee Coffee Coffee #2

  1. That looks almost as nice as microphen.

  2. My favorite drink is now a favored developer

  3. Mark: agreed. The contrast is a little flatter because of the staining of the film, but otherwise it’s a lot better than I expected.

    Robin: just be careful not to drink the wrong one! (Note: this shouldn’t be hard… don’t drink the one that smells like rotting bacon soaking in coffee)

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