Burlesque Nr. 2

by jorj posted April 22, 2011 category Uncategorized

Burlesque Nr. 2

I love it when things just work.

From the Jim Thorpe Burlesque Festival: the negative comes from 4 rolls of HP5+, under-exposed at least 3 stops at the Mamiya’s metered 3200 (which I find to already under-expose a touch). I optimistically developed the first roll at 6400 in Microphen (finding it very thin), and then the other 3 rolls at an approximate ISO 35000 – 40 minutes, based on the response curve I’ve calculated from repeated development work with this film and developer. All of this in a hotel bathroom while traveling for a conference, so I re-used the single liter of Microphen for all four rolls. This came from the fourth roll, which developed for a whopping 56 minutes.

This is a kallitype print of a digitally enlarged negative of that shot, using curves I generated from repeated test runs. I’m quite happy with the result; it’s actually slightly darker “chocolate brown” than this scan came out.

I’m expecting some gold chloride and palladium salts in the next week at which point the toned kallitypes will begin!

2 Responses to Burlesque Nr. 2

  1. 56 minutes does the trick.

    This is gorgeous.


  2. Thanks Robin. So far this is my favorite from that night. One more roll to develop and some gum prints to do, and we’ll see if that opinion changes at all…

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