A Bit of Snow

by jorj posted February 5, 2011 category Uncategorized

A Bit of Snow

Most of my shots recently seem to be of this fella, and I’ve grown a bit reluctant to keep posting him… but I just can’t resist this one. Had I gotten to developing film today, perhaps I would have posted something else. Perhaps tomorrow. 🙂

In other news, the Epson 4000 is alive and well, despite my best attempts to destroy it by completely disassembling the print head today. Replaced a damper, forced some ammonia+water through the matte black channel (below the damper), and it’s better than before. Still not quite perfect, and I’ll probably have to do the same again as it definitely improved things, but *damn* do the prints look good, even with a couple of nozzles that are misfiring a tiny tiny bit. I know that crazy perfectionist me will wind up flushing it again anyway.

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