Velociraptor Jake

by jorj posted January 9, 2011 category Uncategorized

Velociraptor Jake

Ilford HP5+, Microphen. This shot was rescued from a roll that I terribly over-developed (… apparently 18 minutes at 75 degrees is too long for EI 12500).

Back story: Jake loves museums. Unlike his dad, he prefers Academy of Natural Sciences over the Franklin Institute. So we go there as often as I can arrange, which leads to walking across town pretending that we’re dinosaurs. QED.

Shot on the 1947 Bessa 66, which I’m happy to say is still working quite well. Unlike the 1938 version (hole in bellows); the early 1930s version (lousy 3-blade shutter that’s not really worth repairing, and film advance that’s dead); and the late-30s Brillant (shutter recently failed, and I need to open it up again). The 1950s Ricohs are still holding up fairly well, although I haven’t paid them much attention as of late (it’s either the Mamiya 7 or the Bessa). The recent hooplah around Vivian Maier makes me want to dig out the TLRs, so maybe I’ll be getting back to them soon…

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