Study In Blue

by jorj posted December 21, 2010 category Uncategorized

Study In Blue

I’m still getting used to having a computer that doesn’t crash randomly any more – the ability to dive in, find a shot, and post it feels totally alien. (Thanks Apple for replacing my old lemon. Freezing randomly multiple times a day is no fun.)

Anywho: this is from our recent excursion to Germany. The noise is inexplicable 5D sensor noise. Two years ago, I’d be really annoyed. Now, I like it; it’s part of the shot.

And for those that might complain about the title: remember that I’m red/green color blind? Yeah, that. The only color I see in this shot is blue, really. My wife says there’s red in (between?) those bricks somewhere, and that they’re kinda mostly gray. I don’t see it.

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