She stared, wondering what he saw.

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She stared, wondering what he saw.

Provia 400x on the Diacord G.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a workshop lead by David Hilliard. Great guy, fantastic work, and a good teacher; the weekend was quite enjoyable and informative. I came out of this weekend with a stronger sense of where I’m going, photographically.

I also know that the long-term plan doesn’t involve the Diacord G or L, sadly. Both let me down during the photo shoot that lead to this image – the L’s film counter stopped advancing and the G’s film advance is now advancing too far (which caused me to lose 6 shots – argh). I’ll be repairing both but the writing’s on the wall; while I love shooting with these cameras, they can’t take the abuse that I’m dishing out. Which isn’t terribly surprising. They’re both 53 years old and I’m not only taking them *everywhere*, but also shooting with them a *lot*.

So for the moment, I’m shooting with my 5D which feels like a big let-down; I was terribly unhappy with the exposures I got from it today, as I’m now spoiled by the dynamic range of film. Ah well.

2 Responses to She stared, wondering what he saw.

  1. I’m not getting the title of this one. Who’s “he”?

  2. “he” is me. Our models were clearly interested in what we were seeing, and I’m pulling my presence in to the story with the title here.

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