People were oblivious to the light.

by jorj posted April 29, 2010 category Uncategorized

People were oblivious to the light.

Has photography made me more observant? I wonder at that as I see beautiful sky-scapes like this one, and then seethe folks on the same train I’m on looking at their books, cell phones, newspapers… anything *but* looking out the window. Perhaps I’m just as unobservant as ever, and this was a day when I managed a glance at the right time.

HP5, EI400.

3 Responses to People were oblivious to the light.

  1. Lovely Jorj. In addition to the beautiful sky, the light on everything- especially the tracks-is gorgous.

  2. Thanks, Robin. Obviously, it was the quality of light that attracted me to this shot.

  3. I have a similar phenomenon at my new workplace. Fourth floor studios facing west for spectacular sunsets that only I seem to notice.

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