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So, you may recall my saying recently that another camera was on the way. That was a 1958 Ricoh Diacord L (not to be confused with the Diacord G, which I’ve CLA’d, but it has fungus between the rear lens elements – you can judge whether or not that’s a significant detriment, as almost all of the shots I posted over the past two weeks came from that camera). After a weekend of disassembling the shutter, cleaning all of the parts, re-lubricating and reassembly, accidentally spilling naptha back in the now-cleaned shutter, taking it apart AGAIN, cleaning and re-lubricating… well, this was the “focus test” roll.

Results: this camera is phenomenal. I love it, and can’t wait to shoot more with it.

Shot on Acros 100.

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  1. Holy contrast, Batman. Are they all like that? Did you shoot any Acros in the Diacord G?

    I like the shot a lot. I kinda wish she wasn’t carrying a tote bag so you could see the track continuing between her legs.

  2. Love everything about it–the contrast, the angles the mystery created by only showing as much as you did of the woman.


  3. Hey, you caught me red-handed, Mark. Turns out this is from a test focus roll from the Diacord G after all! And much of the roll is this contrasty. I’ll have to finish developing the latest Diacord L film and post a shot from it. Perhaps tomorrow…

    And thanks, Robin. I almost cropped this down much more – to just one shoe, sidewalk grid, and part of a rail – but Sue pointed out the importance of her bag to the shot. For her (and for me, once she mentioned the bag), it suggests just a little of what she might be doing and helps to build the story in your head. Mark, I wonder if this shot would be just as powerful for you if the bag were removed?

  4. And yes Mark, the first entry I posted from the Diacord G was also on Acros 100:

  5. Sue makes a strong point about the bag. The story would be much weaker without it.

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