Signs of Life

by jorj posted March 8, 2010 category Uncategorized

Signs of Life

Fighting an awful cold, but it gave me a chance to snap this one in our back yard today. Not only were the snow drops poppin’, but the Diacord G is alive and kickin’! Hellooooo 1958!

Shot on Acros 100. While I’m partial to HP5 at the moment, I do have a few rolls of 100-speed film kicking around for portraiture. Last night Jake and I set up some backdrops and lights (it’s strange to see PocketWizards firing strobes from a 1958 hot shoe!) and shot some portraits of guests visiting us for a few days… I happened to have a few shots left on the roll, and this is one of those. I think this shot works well on Acros 100.


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  1. Love it.

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